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BZH offers a thorough understanding of how to increase the value of your apartment because they have leased out thousands of vacancies. A few minor adjustments can occasionally have a significant impact. Sometimes a costly update won’t increase your ROI. If you apply our ideas, they will create value because they are specifically targeted to your organisation.

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In a market that is continuously shifting from week to week, block to block, and unit to unit, we provide a thorough review of your open positions. We use our high-level data metrics to provide you with trustworthy insights that will help you reduce risk, increase revenues, and foster further growth.

Attractive Photography

BZH Properties is known for taking very attractive and eye-catching pictures of their available units. These high-quality photographs are essential for marketing and advertising the properties, and help to showcase the best features of each unit. BZH Properties takes great care to ensure that the photographs accurately represent the units, and uses professional-grade cameras and lighting equipment to create stunning images. These photographs are an important part of the overall sales process, and help to attract potential buyers or renters to the properties.

Professional Marketing

With a team of experienced professionals, BZH Properties is able to effectively market and advertise their available properties to a wide audience. This includes creating compelling listings and advertisements, utilizing online platforms and social media, and using high-quality photographs and virtual tours to showcase the properties. BZH Properties is also skilled at targeting the right audience for each property, and tailoring their marketing efforts to reach the right people. With a strong focus on marketing and advertising, BZH Properties is able to effectively market their properties and attract the right buyers or renters.

Apartment Showing

BZH Properties is an expert in apartment showing, and is able to effectively showcase their available units to potential buyers or renters. The team at BZH Properties takes great care to prepare each unit for showing, ensuring that it is clean, well-maintained, and visually appealing. They also use a variety of techniques to showcase the properties, including in-person showings, virtual tours, and detailed descriptions and photographs. By presenting the properties in the best possible light, BZH Properties is able to attract interested buyers or renters and facilitate a smooth and successful showing process.

Application Processing

BZH Properties is an expert in application processing, and is able to efficiently and accurately review and process rental applications for their available units. The team at BZH Properties has a thorough understanding of the application process and is able to quickly and accurately review and verify the information provided by potential tenants. This includes checking references, running background checks, and reviewing credit and income information. By processing applications efficiently and accurately, BZH Properties is able to effectively screen potential tenants and make informed decisions about who to rent to. This helps to ensure the success and stability of their rental properties.

Lease signing and Collecting Move in funds

The team at BZH Properties is able to efficiently and accurately process lease agreements and collect the necessary funds from tenants. This includes reviewing and explaining the terms of the lease, ensuring that all necessary documents are signed and properly executed, and collecting any required security deposits or advance rent payments. BZH Properties is also skilled at handling the logistics of move-in, including coordinating the transfer of keys and other important documents. By efficiently and accurately handling the lease signing and move-in process, BZH Properties is able to ensure a smooth and successful transition for tenants into their new rental properties.


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